Monday, July 5, 2010

Epidemia + Armenia - Convulsiones, Espasmos y Dolores (Diskus Fonografika Review)

Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: Epidemia + Armenia - Convulsiones, Espasmos y Dolores

Label: Diskus Fonografika

Genre: Industrial/Power Electronics

Track Listing:

01 Estado Psicopatico Alterado
02 Senales Esotericas
03 Lugar Inhospito
04 Mugre Espantosa
05 Sondiciones Drasticas

Epidemia + Armenias Convulsiones, Espasmos y Dolores is the joint release by artists Epidemia (Chuiy Bitios) and Armenia ( Leonardo Sabatto). Both Epidemia and Armenia have lists of releases and splits with other artists. Epidemia, also performing as Chuibit, and Armenia with projects D.A.F.O.S.M and Macro-Menia. This is their collaboration that was released in 2008. Their project is punctuated by glitch, harsh beats and noise with an admiration of SPK, Throbbing Gristle and Kristoffer Nystroms Orkester.

“Estado Psicopatico Alterado” starts off with heavy distortion and disharmonic twin guitars. A hard techno drum machine combines with harsh industrial noise to grace us with an early NIN sound. Metallic effects and swirling guitars punctuate “Senales Esotericas”. Glitch, static and pounding drums add to the atmosphere, but what it lacks in cohesiveness it makes up for in brutality. “Lugar Inhospito” has a tangly mass of wah pedal effects and spine chilling static. This is one of the best tracks, music is foreboding and creepy, noise and reverb unite in an unsettling sound. “Mugre Espantosa” is one of the more industrial inspired songs here; pounding metal, steam hissing and the low hum of machines, the influence of Kristoffer Nystroms Orkester can definitely be heard here. “Sondiciones Drasticas” rounds out this short cd. Vibrations of tones are heard popping and pulsing into a bouncy cacophony of sounds. Grating gears and mechanical noises transition into a quiet hum to finish out the project.

For a first collaboration this is good combination of the two artists. Their mixture of techno, industrial and noise is done in a way that has just enough harmony to keep it from becoming complete noise. That’s saying something as they keep everything moving and interesting without going overboard on too many effects; all the while representing their separate personalities and influences. It might not be too everyone tastes, maybe not industrial enough or too light on the harsh noise, but a concentrated effort none the less.

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